The roof!!!

They got the rafters up today and I think that it is really starting to look like a house. I wish I was down there to see the house go up, but Spencer is doing a wonderful job keeping me updated not only on the phone but with lots of pictures!!!!!


House Update!

So the wall frames went up yesterday and then today they started putting up the ceiling joists and closing in the master room closet which is our safe room!!!


The Walls!!!

Yesterday was a big day for Spencer and me. The walls on our house started to go up!!!! Now if the framers showed up early enough today they might've been able to get all the rest of the walls up today, but who knows! We are getting there!

So the next couple of weekends are going to be CRAZY for me. This weekend I am going to Texas and we are going to buy our wedding bands, pick out tuxes, pick out our faucets and such, and look at cabinet samples. The next weekend I am going to Bloomington (to see Bridget!!!) then to Champaigne (to see Lisa, Ryan, & Stephen!!!!!!). The next weekend I am potentially going back down to Texas. The first weekend in May I am going to Ohio for a friends wedding. The weekend after that is my family shower at home. The weekend after that I am back down in Texas. Then I have a weekend at home. My last day at Kramer Tree Specialists is going to be June 1st!!!!! The first weekend in June Spencer is comming up for a church engagement party. In the week following Dad and I are loading up a Uhall truck and moving me down to Texas!!!!!!! So, I am really going to be busy for the next two months, but I am really looking forward to it!!! Hopefully I will have more pictures to post after this weekend!