New Job!

So, I excepted a new job this morning with Austin Tree Experts (www.austintreeexperts.com) I am going to be a consulting sales arborist for them. Spencer and I are really looking forward to this new adventure. It will help us with all of the bills and the mortgage on our new wonderful home. I am going to start the 2nd week in November. This gives me time to get used to getting up in the morning again ;) I am going to continue to work for the wine seller and doing the books for her husbands company. I will just cut back on the hours I work.


I can't believe it!!!!!

So we had Dona over for dinner tonight. We had a wonderful dinner, we made some oatmeal cookies and then some pumpkin bread. And now, Spencer actually has Dona playing Madden '08 on his playstation right now.

I know that everyone has been wanting pictures of the house, so here they are!

This is our bedroom (and yes, we do make our bed)

The Kitchen

The guest bathroom

Heather and Marc-Andre's Room

The Packer Room


WE ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!

We finally made it into our wonderful home. Sorry this update is so late. We moved in 2 weeks ago, just before Heather and Marc-Andre came down to visit. They were lots and lots of help. MA had fun learning how to operate a skid steer loader and Heather had fun organizing the kitchen and helping me hang up pictures!

I don't have any pictures yet, there are still some boxes around so I would like to get those taken care of before I show the house to everyone.

It sounds like I may have a new job opportunity in tree care just north of Austin to just south of where we live. I would be a consulting arborist, have my own company truck, computer, and phone. I wouldn't get my appointments online every morning, go to them, and go home. Spencer and I are still discussing if this is what is best for our family right now, but we will see soon. I have to let the owner of the company know by the end of the week whether I am interested or not. Well, I am going to go watch my husband play some football on his PS2 and write some more thank you notes.