My new Family!!

So, while I was in Texas I got to see my first kids, 37 Polish Chicks !!!!!!!!! Here are some pictures of my kids. I know that they have grown a lot since I have seen them last and I can't wait to see them all grow up!! There are going to be some black with white tufts, white with black tufts, and Spencer says that there might even be some that are kind of silver with black tips on their wings. So it will be interesting to see all of them grow up!!!!!! (There are some cochin chicks in the picture that are Spencer's Dad's) Here is a picture of one of our Hereford Calfs aswell. Isn't he cute?



Here are the two dresses Dona purchased as the mother of the groom!! What do you think??? Which one should she wear? The wedding is July 14th!!


One year anniversary!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post agian. I have been a little busy at work lately. Anyway, Spencer and my one year anniversary was wonderful. He came in Friday January 26th, on the 27th we stuffed all of our save-the-date cards so that we could send them out the next week. Then we both got dressed up and went into Chicago for the night. Spencer didn't know where we were going. I didn't know if he would really like it but he had never been into Chicago so I thought that I would give it a try. He had never had fondu before either so I took him to The Melting Pot! He loved it!!!!! Touch Down Emily!!!!!!!! We had our own private room down a hallway with a curtin and all. It was very romantic and there was a single rose on the table with a Happy Anniversary card signed by the staff. It took a little longer at the restaurant than we thought after opening gifts and all. So when we got to the Sears Tower they had already closed. We got there AT 7pm and that is when they closed. Oh well, I was really bumbed, but we made the best of it and I drove him around Chicago for a little while showing him some of the major things in the city. Including Soldier Field (The home of the 2006 NFC Champion Chicago Bears!!!!) So we got home at a good hour and were able to spend some time just relaxing. Sunday we went to church and then to Grandmas for dinner where we celebrated Uncle Rollie's, Chelsea's, and Spencer's Birthday. Since the tickets I bought for the Sears Tower were good for another three days Spencer and I left a little early for the airport so that he could see the city from a different angle. (Another TD for Emily!!!!!) Unfortunately Spencer did have to go home so I had to take him to the airport ;( The bright side is that I get to go down and see him this weekend, AND he is going to have lots of Polish Chicks waiting for me when I get there!!!!!!! Well I have to go, my lunch break is over. I will put pictures up soon!!