One Year Down!!!

Well, this last monday, July 14th, marked Spencer and my first year of being married. It seems strange to me that only a year ago we were getting married. We had a very nice day. Spencer worked and I hung out with his nephews who are in from Colorado. They played some games at the house while I got ready to go out to dinner. Then Spencer and I went out to dinner at the Stagecoach Inn in Salado. We had a very nice dinner. The couple to our right was celebrating their 23rd anniversary and the couple to our left were celebrating 9 month, but they had both been widowed and they said if you added up all of the years that they had been married it would be over 90. Isn't that amazing? We have a long way to go to catch up to them. Then we went back to the house and ate a piece of our wedding cake (which was WONDERFUL). It was still moist and tasted very good. We ate our cake as we watch the movie "Brett Favre: On and Off the Field".

We have had a packed year. Lake Geneva in September, Christmas in IL, Packers Cruise in Feb, new jobs, loosing my job, and just the normal everyday stuff. All in all we have had a very good year and I am looking forward to spending many more together.