Gardening in TX

Well, it seems strange to me that I have been harvesting veggies out of my garden for about 3 weeks now if not a little longer. Up in Illinois my Dad and I would just be getting ready to plant a garden. So the green onions were good and I think that I am going to leave the rest of them in the ground so we can harvest some bigger onions later on in the year. The radishes are almost done. I just harvested a bunch more today that we will enjoy with dinner. I noticed that there are some peas that are almost ready today and we have a bunch of big green tomatoes starting and a couple of cherry tomatoes as well. There are bell pepper, jalapeno, and eggplant plants out in the garden as well. We harvested one good strawberry, I'm don't think that they are going to do too well this year. I guess we will find out!

As far as the flowers go the Amaryllis are really doing well and looking beautiful. They are the only bulbs that have bloomed so far. I think that everything will look a lot better next year. I have some more bulbs that I would like to plant I just have to figure out where to put them and work up some ground (or do a raised bed).

I have found that there is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that goes along with having my own garden. I love harvesting onions and radishes for dinner and it will be GREAT when we are getting the rest of the veggies too!!!!

Spencer has mowed the lawn for the first time ever and it looks really good. (A lot better than it did!!)