We had a wonderful time sailing on Lake Michigan with Mom and Dad on Monday. Spencer was a natural at the helm! (Even when he was being chased by PIRATES!!!)

We had a safe trip back to Texas and it decided to rain Tuesday night and Wednesday morning so Spencer wasn't able to work on Wednesday, but I did, I started by job book keeping for the owner of the wine sellers husband. It dried out enough that Spencer was able to go back to work on Thursday. Dona and I started moving things into the house yesterday. We mostly moved kitchen stuff. All of our dishes are in their place and looking nice! I can't wait to move in and get everything organized ( I may need Heather's help when she and MA come down at the end of the month ;) ) Spencer said today that he will probably be able to get the backhoe over to the house next week, which means that our septic will be put in and we can MOVE IN!!!

When I get done with work in 45 mins I am going to join Spencer and his friend Jeff over at the Jarrell HS Football field to watch Jeff's brother play. I work again tomorrow from 12-8 I hope there are more customers tomorrow than there were today!