The Game!

Well, Spencer, Dad and I were at the frigid game today at Soldier Field. My Dad stayed warm throughout the game with his big boots and other clothes. I was wrapped up in about 4 layers and then also inside a sleepingbag. Spencer was wrapped up and both of our feet were COLD!!!!! It was a good game, but we all were hoping that the Packers would've won. Lets just hope that they beet the Cowboys and win the Superbowl. We are all glad to be back in the warmth of the house. Spencer has decided that going to the end of the season games up north is no fun and we are going to stick to the warm games. Well, I am going to get back to the family. Lisa, Ryan, Stephan, Heidi, Anthony, Anne, Mom and Dad are all here and we are having lots of fun!!!!! I will post a couple of pictures when we get home after Christmas. We are going to be spending the rest of Christmas with my family and we will be getting back late Christmas day.


Only In Texas

So today I was driving around and saw a man working on a backhoe with a cowboy hat on, and no it wasn't Roger, even though he does. Anyway, everyone else on the site was wearing hard hats so I thought that this was a little strange. Then he turned his head and it WAS a hard hat. Only in Texas will you find people wearing hard hats shaped like cowboy hats!