6 Months

Spencer and I have been married for a wonderful 6 months now. There have been some adjustments like with anything, but it has been GREAT!!! We went out to a Japanese restaurant kind of like BeniHana, but less expensive. We had been there on our 2 month anniversary and really enjoyed it. Then we went bowling. We both enjoy going bowling, but hadn't been since before the wedding. We played 3 games and neither one of us did very well, but we had fun anyway. Last night we finally put away our christmas stuff. This included taking the ornaments and lights off of our tree. The tree is still up, but we will take it down soon. Other than that, we have both been very busy with work. We are both looking forward to a vacation at the end of February. We are going on a cruise in the southern Caribbean. It isn't just any cruise though. It is a Green Bay Packers cruise. There are actually going to be players on it. 3 currant and 2 retired players with their families. One of Spencer's favorite players of all times is going to be on it. Anyway, I need to get going! This picture was taken on Monday night at the restaurant.

The Game

Well, it has taken me a little while, but here are a couple of pictures from the game. Spencer is very excited about the Packers being in the NFC Championship and the fact the the Cowboys are not!!!!!