Almost There!!!!

So the electricians finished yesterday! The painters are finishing today! So that means that tomorrow...... WE GET TO START MOVING IN!!!!!!! We are so excited, I will be putting more pictures up as I get them. I have been a little busy with getting our wedding scrapbook done so I can take it to Lake Geneva this weekend. I had to clean the house up a little bit yesterday because Spencer's sister Mindy and her son Cole (almost 4 months old) are comming in today!

I hope to get at least a little bit of moving done before we leave on Friday for Chicago! I am excited to be going to our family reunion in Lake Geneva. We got to see some of the family at our wedding, but we will get to see more this weekend.

I will have more later! It's back to work for another 45 mins and then to the grocery store to get things for dinner, then home to make dinner and to spend time with Mindy, Cole, Dona, and evetually my husband when he gets home from his 7:30 inspection in Temple.